Mission & Vision

''To help create a network for young maintenance professionals and to assist them in the start and early development of their carreers''

The Salvetti Foundation does this by taking an independent position in a European context and providing all relevant stakeholders with relevant information, advise, development of knowledge and knowledge transfer.


The Salvetti Foundation aims to contribute to bringing young maintenance professionals together in order to retain this group in the professional field and motivate them in their careers in cooperation with EFNMS and relevant European Union-organisations (OSHA, EUCYS, FAST, FEANI, ISO, etc., etc.).


As an independent platform, the Salvetti Foundation has established a distinctive and significant position within the maintenance sector. It does this by organising special competitions, encouraging young people to choose a career in this professional field, and disseminating knowledge. Focus on master thesis award, Euro Maintenance Manager Award, best EFNMS five-papers award, and possible new developments in the asset management field.