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Save the Date(s): EuroMaintenance from           April 17th -19 2023


The biggest maintenance event Europe has ever seen is taking place from 17th to 19th of June 2023 in the brand new, state-of-the-art, Rotterdam Ahoy Convention Centre (RACC). On the initiative of the NVDO (Dutch Maintenance Society) and EFNMS, EuroMaintenance and Maintenance NEXT are welcoming thousands of maintenance professionals from around the world in the spring of 2021. Alongside the exhibition they will be treated to three full days of valuable presentations, workshops, demonstrations and company visits throughout the entire Botlek region. Showing, Seeing, Hearing, Doing!


Cosmas Vamvalis, President EFNMS

"I’m looking forward to the best ever EuroMaintenance in relation to quality of presentations, showing the new trends in the maintenance field and, of course, the audience. I am looking forward to EuroMaintenance 2021 because we will discover interesting progresses and innovation of the developing area Maintenance 4.0”


Ellen den Broeder, Managing Director NVDO

"Rotterdam will then be the centre of the maintenance world. The renovated Rotterdam Ahoy Convention Centre offers a fantastic stage for our top international speakers. These will be CEO’s, chairmen of boards of directors and top officials on behalf of the government. Together with toplevel workshops, the world of Asset Management will experience knowledge as they never did before."


Pieter Bas Dujardin, Exhibition Manager Maintenance NEXT:

"2023 will be a very special year for Rotterdam Ahoy. Not only will we be celebrating our 50th anniversary, but it is also the year in which we open our brand new convention centre. The fact that at the beginning of that year we can accommodate such a large event combined with our own exhibition, Maintenance NEXT, is fantastic. It’s perfect synergy!”





HSElife wins Safety Coalition Award 2018

Congratulations HSElife with the Safety Coalition Award 2018. A world class achievement. Standardisation through the use of HSElife is indispensable. Read the magazine.

Invitation for participation in the Euro Maintenance Manager Award Competition

The EFNMS Euro Maintenance Manager Award is in recognition of extraordinary accomplishment in the field of maintenance. The award is aimed at individuals, teams or institutions in acknowledgement of their Outstanding Performance, New ideas in the field of maintenance, Ideas in applying new technology or new techniques, new type of organization which will add to the already existing effectiveness of maintenance,  Publications and presentations which will promote or assist in making maintenance work better known. Read more  


Working together towards harmonisation

A HSElife platform has been created by operators, contractor companies and supporting organisations in the oil & gas industry. Their goal is to eliminate differences in information and standardise rules & procedures for the people on the shop flore. Its about Saving lives and Saving millions. Read more





Registration on Thesis Awards possible: November 2017



The objective of the EFNMS Excellence Award is to promote, encourage and motivate the theoretical and applied research and developments in different topics related to maintenance knowledge and practice amongst the students of the European Universities and Research Institutes. The primary areas of interest are Maintenance Engineering, Maintenance Management, Information and Communication Technologies for Maintenance Read more 


Predict the unpredictable

Predictive maintenance is surely one of the most talked-about topics in maintenance and asset management. In order to find out where companies currently stand regarding predictive maintenance, and where they plan to be in the near future, PwC and Mainnovation surveyed 280 companies in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. In a report they present the results of this research and their approach to successfully implementing predictive maintenance with big data.

Download the report
Report MainnovationPWC.pdf
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Philipp Sinnewe winner of the EUCYS Award

The winner of the Salvetti Foundation EUCYS Award is Philipp Sinnewe a 18 year old student from Germany.

Phillip investigated whether there is a more efficient and more climate friendly alternative to conventional aeroplane engines (Gasturbines). 

Phillipp explained that even in existing engines maintenance departments could install modifications in order to use a different fuel mixture.

The idea is to use a water-alcohol mixture in combination with kerosine. The water in his set-up expands in the engine as it turns into steam, increasing the thrust. The results of his self-built engine test rig are promising as he reached a reduction of 30% CO2 emission. (


Article EUCYS in iMaintain October 2016

While the Dutch expertise in water

management is renowned all over the world, our skills and knowledge on effective maintenance is a well-kept Dutch secret. And yet, there are many opportunities. The Dutch maintenance industry has an annual value of 35 billion Euros and on a European scale that amount values from 420 to 450 billion Euros. Hans van Selm, general secretary of the Salvetti Foundation, argues that Dutch maintenance companies should be more visible in the European maintenance sector. 

Download the article
Imaintain article EUCYS.pdf
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BP Chemicals Enhances Site Safety

In the production of acetic acid BP Chemicals is world renowned and responsible for a significant proportion of world capacity. Its proprietary methanol carbonylation technology, Cativa, is in demand globally and in particular in Asia Read more

Maintenance from Afar

Wind farms must be maintained. Wind turbines are not easy to access. Remote monitoring software offers the ability to diagnose the operational condition from a far off location. Read more

The industry had been riding a high for so many years and we are now seeing this slowly stabilize

Offshore Masters

For the second time, Offshore Energy included three Master Classes for students and young professionals. Jan-Willem van der Graaf, CEO of Seaway HeavyLifting, gave the Master Class Read more


Turbine Maintenance

The worldwide consumption of energy continues to rise unabated and so the need for improved efficiency, as well as new sources of energy, is increasing. Read more.

Czech Republic: Economic recovery won’t reduce joblessnes substantially

The Czech Statistical Office (ČSÚ) published, on Tuesday 3rd June. In general, the unemployment rate in the Czech Republic will stay at the same percentage level as in 2013. Read more.

Top safety concerns in the manufacturing industry

Exposed wires, fatigued workers, poorly maintained equipment. Manufacturing facilities are riddled with risks, both hidden and out in the open. Read more.

Vision on Safety

Buildings, machines and other structures that are not regularly maintained become unsafe for the people who work with them, and also for those around them. Let this Dutch Vision be an inspiration to you all! Read more.

Reliability Centred Maintenance

Very few people really understand Reliability Centred Maintenance. It takes time and experienced people to perform a good RCM. It should be performed on somewhere between 5-20% of your critical assets. Read more.