What is the Salvetti Foundation.

Salvetti Foundation is a private Association based on an industrial background and culture that supports technology, science and scientific research and promote scientific education and learning, mostly in the field of industrial maintenance.


Salvetti Foundation pursues goals of public utility: it supports the education and training of students, scientists, technicians and young professionals, it rewards excellence in scientific and/or technological achievements, it encourages cultural exchange to increase the knowledge among engineers, scientists and technicians operating in industrial maintenance and universities and/or professional or research institutes, it supports the cultural and scientific activities of national and international stakeholders in the field of industrial maintenance.


Salvetti Foundation considers maintenance as a fundamental activity of industrial services aimed at the economic and sustainable use of resources, the design and management of anthropic systems and the conservation of natural systems, with an intelligent and long-term strategic vision that collects not only the technical actions but also the actions of administration, direction, education and supervision, open to individual and social needs.


Salvetti Foundation will offer an adequate and innovative terotechnology support to the culture of industrial, scientific, economic and social services in the field of maintenance and related training. In particular, it wishes to strengthen all the practices and procedures of sustainable development with a corporate ethics that respects social values, dialoguing with companies and institutions at national and international levels.


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