Board of Directors

Stefano Salvetti (President)

Dora Salvetti (Treasurer)



Hans van Selm (General Secretary)

CV Hans van Selm, lives in Hilversum - Netherlands. Bachelor degree as Maritime officer at the Maritime University of Applied sciences of Rotterdam. Certified as European Engineer by FEANI. Former Shell employee for the Chemical and Oil & Gas industry.  International management positions in Production Operations , Maintenance-  and Health, Safety and Environment. Former board member of the Dutch maintenance association and regional chairman of medium and small enterprises. At present moderator for Operational Excellence seminars. 

Werner E. Tschuschke (Board Member)

CV Werner Tschuschke lives near Dortmund Germany,

Ing. (grad) degree, ConstructionEngineering, FH Duisburg,

Dipl.Ing. degree, Engineer of Management- and Production systems, UNI Dortmund,

Doctor of Engineering, UNI Dortmund,

SAP consultant Maintenance Management implementation and customisation,

Head of Division SAP Maintenance Management at HOESCH Steel Dortmund,

Professor for Maintenance and Quality Management Systems at FH-SWF (Technical University of applied sciences), Iserlohn

CEO of the Institute of Maintenance Engineering N-P.M. LTD, Iserlohn

Member of DKIN, German Committee of Maintenance,

Member of EFNMS Executive Committee,

Chairman of DIN, German Committee of Standardization, Part Maintenance,

Chairman of CEN TC 319

Member of the Board - Salvetti Foundation

Member of the Board of Directors Siegfried Schulte Foundation

Pedro Rodriguez (Board Member)

CV Pedro Rodríguez. Lives in El Prat de Llobregat (Barcelona – Spain). Technical Industrial Engineer at the Industrial Polytechnic School of “Vilanova y la Geltrú” (Barcelona). Development of working life in the Company La Seda de Barcelona (1954 – 2000). Last position as Organization Director in La Seda de Barcelona and as Deputy Director in Markische Viskose. Former Board member of the Spanish Maintenance Society (1984 – 2014). Former Director of MANTENIMIENTO magazine (1986 -2014). Former Secretary of the organizing Committee of the past Spanish Maintenance Fairs. He has published technical articles in specialized magazines. He currently writes articles in local newspaper.

 Prof. Bernardo Vicente Tormos Martinez
(Board member)

Prof. Bernardo Tormos. Lives in Valencia (Spain). Mechanical Engineer at Universitat Politècnica de València. Joined Research Institute CMT Motores Térmicos in 1995 and since then his research activities has been focused on the field of fuels and lubricants for IC engines, mainly related on engine condition monitoring based on oil analysis and alternative fuels. He obtained his PhD in 2002 and became Assistant Professor in 2007. Board member of the Spanish Maintenance Association

(AEM) and member of the Academic board of Maintenance

Engineering Master at UPV, the only one official Master

(Spanish government accredited) at national level in Spain.

 Ir. Arjo Klijn  (Honorary Secretary)


Graduated Delft University (Mechanical Engineering) 1964.

Joined Cooper Bessemer (Mount Vernon, OHIO, USA) 1964 as Design Engineer Gascompressorstations with emphasis on “Maintainabilty

Improvement”. Joined Nederlandse Gasunie 1966 with

similar assignment. Transferred to “Compressorstations

Operations and Maintenance” 1976. Introduced Preventive

and Condition Based Maintenance 1976-1987. Improvement

from 6% of Invested Value to 1.8%. 1987–1994 Project

Manager Gasunie Corporate Office. Board Member NVDO

1984-1998 (Chairman 1986-1998). Board Member EFNMS

1988-2004 (Chairman 1995-2004). Board Member Salvetti

Foundation 2005-2014. Honorary Memberships: NVDO

(1998), EFNMS (2004), Salvetti Foundation (2014). 


 Paolo Lutteri (Board Member)


CV Paolo Lutteri.  Lives in Milan-Italy. Degree in Political Science at the University of Milan, Graduate of the Higher Institute of Languages (Yuyan Xueyuan) of Beijing (Beijing-China), journalist, member of Osservatorio Tuttimedia (OTM-Rome), former Rai Group executive and vice-president of the European Association of Television and Radio Advertising Providers (EGTA-Bruxelles), coordinator for the Young Scientists Forum at the Federation of Scientific and Technical Associations (FAST-Milan). 


Prof. Marco Macchi (Board member)

Alberto Pietro Pieri (Board member)

Franco Santini (Board member