Dublin EUCYS 2018, Maintenance incentive award winner;                     Mariia Andreevna Solovena from Tolyatti - Russia.

Project name; Protection of metal from destructive corrosion.

The work is devoted to corrosion inhibitors of film type to protect metal equipment from acid corrosion.

Personal motivation and learnings
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EUCYS 2018 Award winner Mariia A Soloven
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Project presentation EUCYS Dublin 2018
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Philipp Sinnewe winner EUCYS Award 2016

The winner of the Salvetti Foundation EUCYS Award is Philipp Sinnewe a 18 year old student from Germany. Phillip investigated whether there is a more efficient and more climate friendly alternative to conventional aeroplane engines (Gasturbines). Phillipp explained that even in existing engines maintenance departments could install modifications in order to use a different fuel mixture.

The idea is to use a water-alcohol mixture in combination with kerosine. The water in his set-up expands in the engine as it turns into steam, increasing the thrust. The results of his self-built engine test rig are promising as he reached a reduction of 30% CO2 emission. (www.jetengine.engineer)


EUCYS winners Milan 2015 Lorenz Sauerzopf & Stefan Fuchs Austria.

Maintenance Incentive Award. Donated prize by Salvetti Foundation:


Lina Tomasella, Lorenz Sauerzopf & Stefan Fuchs (Austria), Hans van Selm


Eucys short project description Milan 2015
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EUCYS winner Milan 2015 Stand trial Helicopter rotor blades shaft
Stand trial Helicopter rotor blades shaf
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Eucys Salvetti Press release Austria-Wien
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Speech Milan 21 of september 2015
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